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Re: Looking for Hakama

well, the main problem that I see with Iwata is the Payment method.

giving visa/master card number & expiration date over email is really risky, and I truly doubt they ever heard about PGP or that kind of encryption methods.
And I guess having the card number/e-date lurking over the net is the last thing I'll want.

Having paypal really does clear some smoke and makes you do the transaction smoothly and securely.

however, although it seems Iwata has a find quality,
I looked over at, and it is quite good, and they also have Paypal option.

does anyone had a chance to buy from

their prices is +- the same as seen in Iwata.

Jun Akiyama,
If you are living in the area and able to visit the shop, I guess we can corporate together, if you have paypal account, we can do the deal, you being 3rd party (buying from iwata / selling to me).

but that's just an option i guess, if someone is willing to try it.
That's also how I bought my Katana though.
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