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Re: Spiritial Aikido: the purpose

Angus Chen wrote: View Post
There are just somethings I'd like to share about Aikido i thought about. The first thing i thought about was that, I think Osensei did not create this to be a form of "self defense" although it is a part of Aikido.
But i think Aikido was created to be more of a type of mental training, a "martial art". Its not just self defense, but its is an art, its been crafted through the mind. This is where i wanted to get deeper at.

The main purpose of martial arts is to become stronger, mentally and pysically. It is Aikido that places a big emphasis on becoming warrior like, to become strong in the mind and body.

If we r weak, we will complain about all the things we cannot cope with, which brings us sadness and dissapointment. The ultimate goal of humans is to gain happiness, everything we do is to satisfy ourselves and to become more happy. Being a warrior through Aikido makes us stronger, to handle more problems, making us the sad or dissapointed. It isn't just self defense.

O'sensei also said that martial arts is based on love. We hurt people I know, but Aikido wasn't there to hurt people, but it was there for people to help improve other people, mentally and pyshically. Love is the true power of becoming strong.

Thats why, Aikido has become a martial that doesn't cause as much pain as striking martial arts. Our Aikido intention is to just stop them from doing anything else to hurt others. Other martial arts such as Karate and Taekwondo, hurt people too much. Why is it that we hurt people to stop people from hurting people?

Aikido was made to be more gentle, to give others a chance to realize that they should not hurt others anymore. This is the love that we must share, even to the bad people.

If we do not study the philosophy of Aikido, we r not doing Aikido, its only self defense.

If anybody has anything they want to share, i'd like to listen haha hope u all liked wat i wanted to share
Thanks for the post.
I agree with what you have written from the level that you are speaking , but I would like to add some of my own learning and understanding. Not to correct, mind you, but to add. Some will disagree, or perhaps want to splice hairs, but it is meant as sharing my insights.

O'Sensei did not 'create' aikido, he realized aikido through the path of martial arts, martial arts themselves include self-defense, some elements of which also assist in realizing the 'self' we are defending.

He said 'aikido Is love', not based on love, which is an important distinction in my mind because not only does the phrase point to love but it tells us what love is, it is nature, it is the relations we find in our connected flow. I find this an 'important' distinction because if we try to base it on love, knowing love in only a strictly sentimental self-serving way, we are still baseless. So by knowing that our discoveries in martial practice are discoveries of love we get an amazing 2-fer (as in 2 for one ), the understanding that MA are love and the definition of love based on universal flow. good stuff? Me thinks.

The beginning point of this love realization is first to remove violence from our thinking. Aikido is not 'non-violence', a double negative. It is harmony based on love as exemplified by natures operations. That is the positive. Not always touch feely.

I sure appreciate a sincere post like the one I'm springing off of . Definitely helps my creative forces flow.



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