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Re: Spiritial Aikido: the purpose

Mr. Hazen, doumo….thank you for kind words/thinking…

The Oharahi-no-Kotoba, Great words of Purification is the fundamental Kami Doctrine of the Shrine (Jinja) Shinto…although the day to day work of the Jinja is to conduct Kigan (prayer ceremonies) on behalf of worshippers and to carry out the Nen-Chu-Gyoji (year-around-discipline-rituals) seasonal observances, Great Festivals of the Shrine…….each day at the Shinto Shrine (after the Misogi Shuho- purification in moving water) and Kensen (daily food offering to enshrined Kami) begins with Chouhai (morning ceremony) built around the group recitation of the Oharahi-no-Kotoba….the Aikido Founder also prayed these words daily……………………….

as part of my personal training I try to study the Kototama (word soul) meaning of " Oharahi-no-Kotoba" each interesting way to view the line reading:YAOYOROZU-NO-KAMITAHI-O is that the Yaoyorozu-no-O-kami are the unlimited deities who work to establish the land of Onogorojima (self condensing ball/ Earth/ Earth Jewel). They tie the life powers such as moving and falling called "AME-NO-TAKEMUSU-NO-BU" with the work of carrying on life. These are the Kami of Kamunagara who activate living movements and operations and prepare other powers that rotate around the Sun to unify all forever..relating to the line" Kami-no-tsudoe ni tsudoe" which refers directly to the operations of weaving together the Uchiki and Sotoki (Yin and Yang) personal opinion is that was the thinking of Kaiso (Aikido founder). AND THAT THE FUNCTION OF THE Misogi of Aikido movement is to entrain (harmonize) with the restless infinite movements of Great Nature (kamunagara) with our own bodies…

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Koichi Barrish
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