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Re: Spiritial Aikido: the purpose

Angus Chen wrote: View Post
The main purpose of martial arts is to become stronger, mentally and pysically. It is Aikido that places a big emphasis on becoming warrior like, to become strong in the mind and body.
Being a warrior through Aikido makes us stronger, to handle more problems... It isn't just self defense.
These statements reminded me some of the Zen Priest Takuan's treatise on the "Taia Sword". The greatest "weapon"/tool in the world is the concentrated focus and intention of the human mind. Becoming a warrior, or the development of any skill is a further refining and concentrating of the mind's ability for focus and concentration. Takuan essentially says, as I understand it, that once the full power of the mind is harnessed toward any particular goal, then all things become possible. Techniques will essentially become useless, to paraphrase his words: you will not even have to expose the tip of your sword, you will walk as easily upon the water as you do upon the land. The power at your disposal will be apparent to all, the conflict is resolved before it ever began.

An example of this might be the story about the tea ceremony master who get's challenged to a sword duel. He is frightened, but is given the advice to grip the sword with the same comfortability and assurance that he would grip the implements of the tea ceremony that he had mastered. His opponent, upon seeing his sense of calm and assurance while holding the sword, backed down from the duel, believing that he was in the presence of a master of the sword.


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