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Re: Spiritial Aikido: the purpose

Angus Chen wrote: View Post
If we do not study the philosophy of Aikido, we r not doing Aikido, its only self defense.
True but without thorough understanding and ability for self protection, this...
Angus Chen wrote: View Post
... to be more gentle, to give others a chance to realize that they should not hurt others anymore.
will be nothing more than a delusion when one is placed in a world where the ideal is often far from reality. One can only promote the path of peace if one has the capacity to exercise that choice, even when under severe and direct personal threat from those who do not want to be peaceful. In fact, if one is not trained in self protection one cannot promote peace among those who see you as their next victim. The philosophy must be reflected in ones physical ability and vice versa.

Angus Chen wrote: View Post
This is the love that we must share, even to the bad people.
It is my understanding from Ueshiba M.'s writings that if we start placing values on the good and bad in our fellow men then we create a place in our hearts for maliciousness to enter. Imho if we still see others simply as "bad people" we have not yet looked deeply enough into ourselves.

My 2 cents.

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