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Re: Spiritial Aikido: the purpose

Angus Chen wrote: View Post
But i think Aikido was created to be more of a type of mental training, a "martial art". Its not just self defense...
From what I can tell Osensei wanted to create a holistic practice which betters body, mind and spirit. This creates a lot of ground to cover, but I wonder if a central focus point is the idea that mind leads body (and thus determines our responses to the situations we find ourselves in) and that by training the mind-body we become better at all things, not just self defense.

The ultimate goal of humans is to gain happiness, everything we do is to satisfy ourselves and to become more happy. Being a warrior through Aikido makes us stronger...
I agree, but my view is that Aikido just happens to include these great ideas. One can gain the same thing through the study of karatedo or judo or any other system of study, so long as that individual actively leads their own "enlightnment" (whatever that may be). Looking to a system to provide some degree of it is limiting, though it may provide a great starting point.

Why is it that we hurt people to stop people from hurting people?
Because it's easier than finding a common solution.

Aikido was made to be more gentle, to give others a chance to realize that they should not hurt others anymore. This is the love that we must share, even to the bad people.
A great and noble ideal, to be sure.

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