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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Mark Freeman wrote:
I will read all the info provided, I think between you and John, I have been given plenty of good reading to do. I will attempt to live through it with suggested exercise, and the occasional ibuprofen. I may explore some acupuncture, if I feel it is getting too uncomfortable.
Mark, keep being proactive about this injury. The exercises are a great way to be engaged in your own recovery, but follow up with the appropriate professional/treatment option for you. Carol hit on it in the first sentence of her response, reply #21, "Careful! Too much caution is where the "freeze" starts!".

Treatment, no matter which modality, works better/faster/more completely on injuries/disease/imbalance the earlier you catch it. It's much like Aikido technique; move too late and the timing degrades so that the technique becomes very hard to accomplish. Wait too long with an injury and the condition degrades until it is less than optimal for treatment.

You already admitted by starting this thread that it is too uncomfortable for your lifestyle (if I may summarize your initial post). You have better options than to just tough it out.

Marrrrk.... Marrrrrrrk.... It's Obi-Your-Body-Kenobi.... Use the*cough**cough*.... get the shoulder help now...
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