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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Carol Shifflett wrote:
Where behind your back? Reaching up behind your back as in combing hair? -- or down behind your back as in tying hakama strings?
If reaching down and back, that pain pattern sounds remarkably like infraspinatus (the muscle that covers the lower 3/4 of the back of the shoulder blade) rather than pain from the capsule itself. When unhappy, it produces an aching pain deep in the FRONT of the shoulder joint.
Both, but much worse when reaching back to tie my hakama, that particular movement makes nikkyo seem tame

I appreciate the links and info that you have provided and for taking the trouble to do so, thanks.

At the end of the day, it's not that bad, it only 'really' hurts when I attempt to put my right hand in particular areas, so I spend my time making sure that I don't go beyond where pain free movement allows. I can still teach my classes without a problem, and I can practice if I am super aware of what is possible, so I just miss out on one side of the technique.

I will read all the info provided, I think between you and John, I have been given plenty of good reading to do. I will attempt to live through it with suggested exercise, and the occasional ibuprofen. I may explore some accupuncture, if I feel it is getting too uncomfortable.

I think that although the symptoms I have are probably the result of an injury sustained practicing aikido, I am pleased to know through past experience, that aikido is a great practice to keep a body in good shape, I know that the healing process will be helped rather than hindered. I understand much more now, through aikido about how to move efficiently and how the body works. Also I know that a positive mental attitude can be the best medicine available, and at not cost!



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