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Carol Shifflett
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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Mark Freeman wrote:
I'm in the unfortunate position of having a 'frozen shoulder' (adhesive capsulitis). Probably brought on from an injury sustained last year
Has it been hurting (and "freezing") since last year?
Extremely painful? -- or more stiff than painful?
What can you not do? Inability to reach back to tie your hakama suggests a couple of possibilities, but for more detail . . .

There are some specific muscle tests and a bit of information on "frozen shoulder" (a nice, general non-specific term), vs. "adhesive capsulitis" vs. myofascial trigger points at:

If it is truly adhesive capsulitis, then low-level steroids may be very appropriate. OTOH, you may be living with some unresolved trigger points laid down last year and a combination of myofascial therapy, accupuncture and exercise should produce excellent results.

Carol Shifflett
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