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Re: Frozen Shoulder

Mark Freeman wrote:
Kinesio taping??? what is that John?

I'm aware that I still have a fair range of movement in my shoulder, but certain movements are very restricted/painful ( hand behind my back - doing my hakama up is very difficult ) Shihonage and Immobilisations are definitely out on that side for the meantime

thanks again to all contributors



It is the use of flexible tape called kinesiotape for either support or edema reduction. If you have good range of motion but certain movements are bad, you might not have a frozen shoulder but one that is in the process or you might also have a rotator cuff impingement. If it hurts to bring your arm into abduction or flexion that may be part of the problem. There could be a spur catching and inflaming the tendons, especially if you have had prior injuries.
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