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Re: Off to Japan again!

You might like to look at the website for Abe Sensei's dojo. It was a bit difficult for our group (we went in late March) to find the dojo, as it's tucked away in an alley near the pedestrain bridge. Having said that though, the keiko with Abe Sensei was difficult to say the least - involved a lot of subtle stuff...

And his dojo appears strict on ceremony... we witnessed the dan certificate presentation. There is one person who reads the dan certificate, who then passes it to another person who confirms the contents, who then passes it to Abe Sensei to make the presentation.

Also, the Osaka Aikikai Hombu Dojo is on the same road past the alley (maybe 5 minutes away on foot). You might like to give that place a try as well.

Happy training.
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