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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

Paige Frazier wrote:
You may have a *slight* point but i would be willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of martial artists would agree with me.
Out of the 3 martial arts i've had experience with, which are karate (very briefly as a child), aikido, and shaolin, I have been taught to punch this way in all of them. I'm also almost 100% sure that muay thai practitioners are taught this way after doing some research on it, and as for a striking art, i don't think you can really beat muay thai.
With that said, in *any* issue at all, there will always be "one or two people" that will disagree with you. That's just the way we as humans are.
My point is simply that the first two knuckles aren't the only viable striking points in a punch. There are more than one or two people who support the three-knuckle punch. Wikipedia-"Wing Chun practitioners punch with a vertical fist...The impact is made with the bottom three knuckles, which keeps the wrist in proper alignment and reduces risk of injury to the wrist. Wing Chun punches are always linear with the elbow pointed down. This makes the punch faster and structurally stronger, as the skeletal alignment is better than a horizontal punch."
There will always be debate as to which is better, but I don't think one is inherantly better than another, unless you're speaking in very specific terms...such as vertical or horizontally-oriented structural strength. There's a time and place for each.

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