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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

Now you can use your experience to help you train.
Practice against a sucker punch over and over and over....from the left, right, low, high, drunk, stoned, enraged, domestic, ....any and all options you can think of. Ask others who have been sucker punched and use their experience.
One of my teachers use to have a practice session we called "Elevator Techniques" , where you and your partner would choose a small section of mats and do techniques only in that small area. It was a lot of fun and very eye-opening to what you can and cannot do. And later, with a good uke, you can actually practice in a small hallway or in an elevator..that`s what we did and it was so enlightening.
I have recently began training again and another class I am instituting is that every Sunday we would have class at a school or building and work out our techniques between parked cars, in stairwells..anyplace that people might have to physically use Aikido movements.
We had a nightclub owner/bouncer in our class and occasionally we would set up the dojo like his club ( chairs, tables and lots of innocent bystanders) and act out scenariors. Our first lesson was always to run away ( even in randori we loom for the first safe opportunity to escape) but when tecnique had to be used, it became very interesting.
Mind you, that your partners must have their ukemi first and foremost as they will be falling on stairs, concrete, cars, into and onto others. This made it for more of an advance class for us but it gave the other students something to look forward to and they were allowed to participate as Nages only..this also helped the advance students train even more on their ukemi. Give it shot, start VERY SLOWLY and`s agreat add-on to regular classes.
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