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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

John Bowers wrote:
My questions
1.) How do I intervene without getting suckerpunched? How do I hold my hands? My feet?
2.) what techniques can you use in a narrow aisle?
3.) How in the world do karate folks not mange thier hands in fights? I only punched that guy some 10-12 times and my knuckles and right hand appeared as if broken for the first 4 days after that, now only my index knuckle feels as if it may have been damaged.
1. You should be more aware of your surroundings. Don't turn your back for a second especially towards the person showing the most aggression which sounded like it was the man.

2. I don't really know of any. What i would have done, is just let the guy go where he wanted to. Don't resist against him by constantly blocking, but rather add momentum to him by stepping off the line of attack and then maybe giving him a push forward. If his momentum is great enough he will fall down.

3. You should only punch with your first 2 knuckles (index and middle knuckles). These 2 are the hardest to break, however, they can still be broken, depending on whether there is a covering on your hand and which part of the body you are punching. But the 1st 2 knuckles are definitely the only ones who should make contact.
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