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Re: The game of Go

Erick Mead wrote:
But you are right about the limits of aggression. Great Go is played with sente up to the point of kuzushi (tedomari) and then reestablishing sente elsewhere working to kuzushi, etc. etc. This is like omote technique in aikido.

The most exceptional masters can play urawaza, simulating gote with a larger goal in mind and essentially leading even capable players around in a false sente ... If you can even just see how it is done, (and I cannot do it very well at all in Go), you will have tremendous insight into the working of aiki in perception and decisionmaking.
"The larger goal in mind" that you mention is only possible when you no longer see separateness such as "reestablishing sente elsewhere...". There is no "elsewhere" on the goban. One encounter.

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