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Re: how much training before...

Amelia Smith wrote:
I agree with David, that you should have one foundation art and maintian that foundation.
I also agree. Without a solid foundation in one art, and by solid I mean several years of training, I don't see how a person can possibly cross-train in multiple arts and gain any real proficiency. If a person starts Aikido and another art, after 2 years of training in both you would have an individual that isn't as proficient in either as someone who focused on one art for the same time period.

If you are going to start Aikido, start Aikido and focus on building a solid foudation for a few years. then if you want to start experimenting with another art, it will have less of a negative impact on your basic Aikido skills.

I started Judo in 1993 after 5 years of Aikido training. After about 2 and a half years of training both concurrently, I stopped Judo. I felt that the Judo was not benefiting my Aikido from a technique perspective and, more importantly, the days that I practiced Judo were days that I was not practicing Aikido. I did enjoy Judo, it was fun and a darn good work-out. But, I didn't see any positive benefit to my Aikido.

-enjoy the day !

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