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Re: how much training before...

Jess McDonald wrote:
Hello out there! How much training in Aikido should I have under my belt ( no pun intended) before I start formal training in like say Kenpo or BJJ? I think I have to much time on my hands. Thanks! Bye!
It would be impossible to give a guideline since learning is such an organic process and all humans are different BUT here is a single datapoint from my own training. I've been doing Aikido for 15 years and this year I started cross training in Judo. After a few months I made the conscious decision to stop. The primary reason is that with my other commitments (work, family, running the dojo, etc.) there simply wasn't enough time for me to study my Aikido (body art, weapons, Iai batto ho, zazen) curriculum let alone cross train in another art.

I guess it all depends on what your end goal is (sounds like you are interested in building an MMA skillset with Kenpo and BJJ). If I were going to train for MMA, I'd stop Aikido at this point (15yrs in) and start training BJJ and Muay Thai. Once proficient in those skill sets, I'd resume training Aikido albeit with less frequency.

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