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Re: Linear Progression, Circular Refinement

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
I disagree. First, you assume that there is something like 'progress'. It could be easy prove that such concept simply doesn't exist. But it would be off topic.

I know personally folks with 30 years experience in aikido, they not only not refining, but "regressing" (opppsss can't find better word ) as fast as they can. Many beginners with 10 years of experience have more sophisticated aikido. So your generalization isn't true.

I think we may safely say there is no such thing like " Linear Progression" or "Circular Refinement". Learning is pretty chaotic stuff.
Szcepan, my friend, you are always so contrary...

a) I agree that "progress" is difficult to define... if one considers that Aikido is an infinite process, then you are correct; progress doesn't exist. On the other hand, looking backwards, I can see that my Aikido is completely different than it was five years ago, even two years ago. So there is definitely change and I believe that change to be positive in that I now understand and can do many things I could not before. So maybe the term "progress" could be used to describe what is happenig in my training. But the question would always be "progress" towards what? So I guess I'll stick with the idea that there is no progress. In that cased I am really in the same place I have always been in my Aikido, I just understand it differently.

b) I was only talking about someone who is actually training seriously, not someone who has plateau-ed or has stopped trying. I have no interest in including those folks in the discussion.

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