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Re: Linear Progression, Circular Refinement

George S. Ledyard wrote:
David, the operative concept you've stated here is "stop". You don't stop, there is no stopping, there is opnly constant movement......

Take a hologram, for instance. Each part of the hologram contains the whole. You can't talk about a piece of the hologram in a meaningful way. Your Aikido is the same. Every technique you know informs every other. Each principle you have started to understand effects your entire Aikido practice. If you have a moment of insight when doing some high level instructor training, it will change how you do your katatetori tenkan because they can't be separated.

So you are always refining and you are always progressing. Both. Both at the same time. You do one then you are doing the other. There is no difference.
Thank you George,

With great respect to you, I did not say or mean to imply a concept of stopping.
I like the hologram analogy.
My idea in asking the questions is that it is better to learn a few techniques very well through alot of practice (circular refinement) than one technique after another quickly until you have learned a huge amount of techniques( a linear progression). With the hologram analogy I can see where the linear progression can be found inside the circular refinement.

Go ahead, tread on me.
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