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Re: Linear Progression, Circular Refinement

Jun Akiyama wrote:
I think distinctions like this can only be made after the fact. Just like "shu ha ri" isn't a progression that one makes consciously (but is a progression, in my mind, that one can only see when looking back at one's training after, say, twenty/thirty years), I think such progressions/refinements happen naturally if one lets them happen.Jun
Yes and this works better the longer you practice, but what about beginners that don't have a large number of years to look back on.
Isn't it the role of a sensei to let the beginner know when they have refined their ikkyo enough to progress onto nikyo and to always continue refining their ikkyo?
If the beginner decides on his own that he has learned ikkyo and it is now time to learn nikyo and does not refine what he has learned then at some time in the future he will get discouraged with Aikido because it does not work.
Or the beginner may get bored and discouraged with his sensei and look for a new one because he makes him practice the same thing over and over and over again.
I think that it is a good idea that once you have chosen you should remain with the same sensei for as long as possible.
What do you think?

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