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David Yap
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Re: Linear Progression, Circular Refinement

Hi Szcze,

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
...I know personally folks with 30 years experience in aikido, they not only not refining, but "regressing" (opppsss can't find better word ) as fast as they can. Many beginners with 10 years of experience have more sophisticated aikido.
If they have not progressed in the first place, then "regress" is not applicable. You may teach a parrot to "say" good morning, good afternoon and good night. Having a parrot that can "say" the appropriate greeting at the appropriate time everyday is close to impossible. It is still possible to dress up a parrot in kimono and hakama Seen more than a couple myself.

...So your generalization isn't true...I think we may safely say there is no such thing like " Linear Progression" or "Circular Refinement". Learning is pretty chaotic stuff.
I tend to disagree. Some people are gifted at learning and some are not. On a similar note, some parrots are gifted at mimicking, some are not .

Best training

David Y
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