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Actually, we do focus a lot on pins - not dozens, but around 7-8 pins. Our instructor has made certain that we learn the pins after a takedown because otherwise (as you mentioned) the uke will get up. The pins in aikido go from the ikkyo pin (which doesn't really hurt a whole bunch but pins you to the floor) to some painful pins (sankyo, classic aikido (cradle), etc...)

There is one of our affiliate dojos in Minneapolis - I think it's The Warriors Cove. On the main page Mike Ellefson has a link for his last newsletter and his website. You might want to talk to him or see a few aikido pins from him.

I think you might want to try to follow a majority of your techniques to the ground and follow with a pin - then let your uke try to get out of the pin. This will test the effectiveness of your pins. (of course this execersize shouldn't turn into a fight - it's just a test to make sure that your pins are effective).

Good luck with your training.

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