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Ki Symbol hold downs?

I've recently been taking a judo class, and I've realized how little my aikido class actually focused on what to do AFTER you've thrown someone. The arm lock holddown techniques I've been taught in aikido(ie, sitting and standing pins) generally do not give you a great deal of control over uke, and the only useful motivation to prevent Uke from getting up is to cause pain, or to give them the alternative between staying down or having something broken. I don't think that these options are particularly close to Aikido's principles of nonviolence.

Judo, on the other hand, has dozens of hold downs that can be used to subdue uke without causing (excess) pain or damage, and could be done out of aikido techniques quite easily- for example, Kote gaish sets up kesa gatame(scarf hold) nicely, without the need to turn uke over, and without the possibility of breaking any of uke's joints.

Is there a reason that aikido dojos don't typically teach these techniques? Has anyone here learned judo-style hold downs in their aikido classes?

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