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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Hi steve
Got the P.M.

You wrote
You seem very comfortable telling us what we are missing yet when we ask to be shown you tell us "there is nothing to see here, I just want to be left alone." You seem comfortable telling us what we are missing, now when Jimmy Sorrentino offers you a chance to SHOW us what we are missing. Mr. Sorrentino's offer is genuine.

I did accept the offer. Just not the details. Am I required to do it in a manner you few approve of? In fact if it is to be constructive I think I would insist that if it is to be repeated it be continued with some regularity. You cannot learn this stuff in weeked it takes time. A lot of time. MY TIME. for free. After the initial testing nonsense is cleared up the folks can get down to work so I am not wasting MY time and theirs.
So, since I said they can come- where am I denying anything?

I'd rather teach a few to be truly good-then, many to be half baked. Where does the offer have to be to train someone in two days?
I'll teach someone here (which is more conveniant for ME) and film it. They can go back and teach or write to satisfy the doubters.
It appears you have soemone else who know the ki "tricks" as well. Tricks are what they are-though the foundational basis can be used for fighting as they are based on sound mechanics.
Steve Come up and train.
P.S. I am off- line till late wed.
I train tonight and have a presentation tomm night. Don't want folks to think I left.