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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Man this is some exciting and awesome stuff!

Dan, I am really nobody in the world of aikido...but I have known Jimmy Sorentino for probably about the past 8 years or so. I know the rest of the instructors such as Hooker Sensei by reputation through the ASU organization. I also know the dojo very well!

I can certainly appreciate your concern about Jimmy's very direct "to the core" dialoque, but if you know Jimmy it is anything but sincere without ego and without anomosity. It is simply a challenge.

If you can deliver I guarantee that the two of you would be best friends for the rest of your life! I cannot believe you would not want to jump at the opportunity to make a new friend and think of all the students and fellow instructors that would openly embrace you and what you have to offer! Not to mention a free trip to our nations captial!

I am not kidding...these guys are the real deal! They are in aikido for the right reasons!

As I think about it, I would be very excited about how things would spread rapidly. You see Jimmy is a senior student of Saotome Sensei. With Jimmy's enthusiasm for what you can teach and all the dojo students that are now better would be able to influence 1000s of students in the ASU organization!

I am not being sarcastic! This is the honest truth!

I live in Germany, but if I could not attend, but you did the seminar and Jimmy said to me, "man you should have been there!" I will find the time to train with you some how! That is how important this is to many of us!