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Neil Mick
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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Dan Harden wrote:

Do you wish to learn these skills or not? The "idea" of forcing me to do something in a format I am uninterested in is rather ridiculous.
Sorry, Dan, but this is the nature of a challenge...a challenge, apparently, that you have carried on for years, online. You seem happy to hold forth on the questionable martial value of Aikido: yet when called on to prove your claims in a respectable Aikido dojo: you wimp out.

Yeah, I said "wimp out." Imagine, if someone challenged O Sensei with such a boast. "Aikido is great for some things, but ineffective as a martial art. Why, I can do that trick with the jo, myself." O Sensei then offers a venue for the "great" decrier to demonstrate his "skill:" but he demurs, stating that "he doesn't have the time," or that he'd "rather do it at his dojo." I imagine that O Sensei would laugh at this fair-weather-dojo MA whose technique only seems to work at venues of HIS choosing.

It's easy to talk the talk: talk is cheap. But, can you walk the walk? Apparently not.

I am uninterested in proving anything to you or anyone else-I don't need to. My sense of credibility is not something that is measured here.
Of COURSE you don't...why, we should simply take you at your word, because you're a good guy, and we should trust EVERYTHING we read on the internet...right?

You can come here,and I will do what I do. The fact that I accepted and will show you some things is more than enough and the proof is in the pudding.
No, it's only proof that you will take an extra step toward fulfilling the challenge. You have a long way to go before "proving" yourself. You have simply demurred and thrown up roadblocks.

As for condescension --if it is there I don't see it. It is more the observational.
Here, (with all due respect to Jim, as it was addressing him),,,lemme make it simple, for ya:

The act of condescending or an instance of it.
Patronizingly superior behavior or attitude.
: the noting of a fact or occurrence (as in nature) often involving the measurement of some magnitude with suitable instruments <temperature observations>; also : a record so obtained
2 : close watch or examination (as to monitor or diagnose a condition) <postoperative observation> <psychiatric observation>
Now, I am sure that you still do not see the difference: so I've bolded the key-words (Patronizingly superior, in case you missed it).

Communications 101... Now, how does someone know that one is condescending, when he thinks that he's merely observing? Usually, when others give him feedback, telling him his remark is patronizing. So, allow me to add my voice to the chorus--yeah, Dan: your remarks here HAVE been patronizing, and condescending.

was my point to begin with. It is for most part absent in Aikido.
Again I am uninteresting teaching 80 people the truest and last vestiges of the best these arts have to offer in a half assed manner. If you really want to learn then you can come and train and then sweat like the rest
What we'd REALLY like, Dan: is to see some stepping up to the plate. What we seem to be getting, instead, is a demurral that sounds more and more like a wimpout.

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