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Stephen Kotev
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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?


I share with you the following comments in the spirit of respect and open communication.

I have been reading your posts since 2002. First on Aikido Journal and now on Aiki Web and E Budo. I appreciate what you have to say and find your posts challenging and informative.

In the four plus years that I have been reading your posts I have seen a consistent theme develop recently. You make statements that draw attention and then choose to withdraw once you have everyone's attention. This most recently happened on Aikido Journal Blog related to Ellis's "A riddle and a Mission" post (the posts I am now referring to have all been deleted.) One of the posters asked you to actually provide specifics and you responded that to answer that question would violate your oath to Daito Ryu. Why tease us with the information only to say we cannot access it? To tell us otherwise appears as derision or arrogance.

You seem very comfortable telling us what we are missing yet when we ask to be shown you tell us "there is nothing to see here, I just want to be left alone." You seem comfortable telling us what we are missing, now when Jimmy Sorrentino offers you a chance to SHOW us what we are missing. Mr. Sorrentino's offer is genuine. Both Chuck Clark and Dennis Hooker vouch for it.

I was at the seminar that Ellis presented at Toman Dojo. Before I came to the Aikido Journal bulletin board, I never heard of Ellis. Now I have the pleasure of training with him when he offers seminars. Ellis was willing to SHOW us what we were missing, or willing to offer us a venue to prove or disprove the quality of our Aikido training. I see Jimmy's offer in a similar light. If you believe that it is worth your time to formulate posts for this bulletin board for over four years why would you not be willing to extend that offer to those you choose to communicate with in person?

This bulletin board is an Aikido bulletin board. Primarily Aikidoka from around the nation and the globe read these forums.

You have our attention, we are ready to learn, why not accept the offer?

Stephen Kotev