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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?


If you want to get together that’s fine.
Now I am left to ask why? Do you wish to learn these skills or not? The “idea” of forcing me to do something in a format I am uninterested in is rather ridiculous. It is obvious by your tone that it is “marginally” friendly, as you seem to take objection to just about every statement I make. This calling me out is rather adolescent. Are you marginaly interested in my voluntary involvement or coerced particapation? Which guy do you want to meet?
As for proving? I am uninterested in proving anything to you or anyone else-I don’t need to. My sense of credibility is not something that is measured here . You can come here,and I will do what I do. The fact that I accepted and will show you some things is more than enough and the proof is in the pudding.
As for condescension –if it is there I don’t see it. It is more the observational.
If the structure and ability isn’t there. And you are stating you don’t know these things......... then there is an ability of internal skills and body use that is superior to what you know and what you learned in Aikido.
And that........was and is my point. FWIW I didn’t feel I was being “talked down to” when I was shown it or other Koryu. I simply didn’t know it-what I was shown was superior. No problem.
As for fighting aspects, strieks, chokes, ground, and use of a fluid structure if you don't know that or train it all the time-then you don't know that either. And that..........was my other point.
Moreover if you dont train the former(whole body power, structure) then you obviously don't know how to use it in the later.
It seems you agree to this lack of knowledge. Which was my point to begin with. It is for most part absent in Aikido.
Again I am uninteresting teaching 80 people the truest and last vestiges of the best these arts have to offer in a half assed manner. If you really want to learn then you can come and train and then sweat like the rest
I take it that the reason you don’t want to arrange thing in P.M. is that there is a tacit “challenge” to all this? If that is the case I am surely not interested. It’s great stuff. If you want to sweat lets talk. That is an acceptance of your proposal-on my terms. How much do you hope to accomplish in two days
Years from now…you go be the teacher in a gym full of people and have fun.
If you want to ask me- at least be concerned with what I have to say.

Cheers-I hope

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