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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?


I understand. On one level I respect the traditional arts-even adore them. I do not want to see them changed , morphed modified whatever. But on the other hand I adore the exploration of the human potential in conflict; gun-combatives, knife, sticks and MMA.

So, in the larger picture, or scope, there is as means to train to change our bodies, to become relaxed fighters, truly fluid and yet powerful. Hitting with hand, elbow, knee or even chest wall with whole body power, while absorbing and re-directing strikes our bodies without pain. Once learned to pursue it in a true pro-active/re-active format. I believe it is in that arena one gains a more relaxed intense focus that is maintained in conflict. Against this training- most traditions falter and fail. An Internal Artist with MMA fight training is a very potent man to face. I would further that by stating this type of training imparts a mindset that is more akin to the mythos of the Arts; Fudo Myo and the pursuit of fudoshin, and the fluidity and grace-and tactical veracity of Suigetsu.
There are men of all walks who pursue pieces. Fighting-with muscle, Throwing using the body without correct use of body structure, Theorizing center while being easily pushed

Anyway…..It is for that reason that I stated that MMA, Judo or jujutsu are better equipped to stand, neutralize and attacker and handle them with out undo harm over most people who train in a single form. They have more active force-on-force training.

While this isn’t directly related it is the core of what I am speaking about. I posted something similar on E-budo to help settle a disagreement about internal skills ad its ability to allow true body unity and center. It was the core of Ueshibas training.

“For a simple test for comparisons...Ground rules: No fighting techniques, no feints, no Waza of any kind.

Can you do this?
Stand in a room and not use any waza, not use your hands, or any offensive techniques and then.....
1. Have a 220 pound man push your chest with one hand in an attempt to push you over.
2. Then two hands as hard as he can
3. Then have him pile drive into you
4. Then casually.. pull you and push you around while you stand there without moving your feet Over time increasinf the severity.
5. Have him push you slowly and -without you moving- you breathe and he starts to collapse downward
6. Do the above with a stick in your hands while he pushes you with the stick and with you not moving much at all.
7. Place your hands on his chest and not move you shoulders or body in any discernable way and send them 3-6' with your hands.

If you can do that.... . Then I really don't care what you "call" it, you're worth talking too, as you are doing internal skills. In my mind at least, no debate, and a common ground. And If you cannot.....
Then be honest with yourselves and pleased..that there is something out there you don't know.

Now I would add to that that there are men In DR and in CMA who know these things but are not really interested in fighting skills. Fair enough. But there are also men who are and some of those are very serious and pursue the use of these skills in fighting. I believe it is the best training for the body in the world.

Unlike some people I still believe in the fundamental honesty of those on these boards. I don’t think many of us openly lie or bluff. It appears many attempt to communicate and even when disagreeing do so with a measure of aplomb. Anyone of us have what?...20-50 people we know who read here? I have probably a couple of hundred who know me personally. From JMA, MMA, and now CMA (some very nice people). For that reason I am ever mindful of what I say. I was in an Aikido Dojo a few week ago and the People do read this boards don’t they?
Anyway Dennis echoed my point well. Unless you go out and do-you don’t know and only dream. Or you take the opting-out approach-which is perfectly fine. Pursue it for an art and not be concerned.
Without the understanding of that separation there is no way to find agreement.