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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

No one is allowed to teach TSKSR in the U.S but Relnick Sensei. I have specifically disavowed any teaching of that art. The rest You can discuss with me privately.
I do not teach any of the tradional arts I have studied. I went MMA back in the late eighties-maybe always was.

Don't be put off by my lack of interest in seminars-my guys are always trying to grow the dojo and I resist as well. I am fairly well versed at marketing, presentation and business and when I play with someone in a martial sense I am almost always asked to teach. Just happened to me again with some CMA guys-some of whom were teachers. I don't care about all. I want bodies to practice on, to improve my skills. So, I don't advertise I train in the country, my own guys want to bring other people, I say "No" (most of the time).
That may give you some idea of the mindset.
In fact when I looked up Jim Sorrentino in my correspondence I just realized that Ellis Amdur had asked me to go there with him this winter...behind the scenes, and I didn't go then either.

Same guy, same invite, no thanks, nothing personal, just not me.

What I don't understand is that if this stuff were in AIkido in any appreciable way- as they say- what do they wan't with me? There should be many places to find it............right? Or it is as I claim- rare to non-existant anymore. Then at the end of the day-I was correct. I've only seen these skills in two schools of Daito ryu and in CMA. Rob Jon says his teacher found parts of it in Koryu. The little I have seen-so far- in CMA- is no great shakes over what I already do -but there are some greats out there I am told. I will be feeling them this year, and looking forward to more new information.
Overall though I think I will revisit my tone. I haven't changed my mind about these arts-not in the least bit. but I don't want to be rude. The one guy got under my skin. Oh well I'm human

Your advice for me to want to share I agree with and understand. But I have had trouble with small groups of my own men over the years from 1 year to twelve years with me. You have to train this solo at home and continually throughout the day and the drills are painful. Few walk the walk. How on earth would I do that multiplied by the hundreds. Why? Yuk!

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