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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Short note I am getting ready for a meeting
Please call me Dan.
Write me here in P.M. If you would like to get together- thats fine with me. Put up or shut up is a fair game. But it will be here. I have enough time getting permission (Husband and family man) for all the things I travel to do as it is. FWIW my guys are very friendly and open. If you would like to bring a couple of guys that's fine as well. It will give me an exuse to finish the Dojo and paint the walls!!.
I am not interested in a seminar with large numbers- I have no need.I've turned down 7 offers for seminars this year alone. Sorry, could care less. But come here, we can have fun, I will willingly show certain things to get people started on body skills including the jo trick-you do realize it is not a fighting skill -yes? just a use of ground and body. And if people want to roll and have fun thats fine as well. Please come with a healthy attitude and some 5 oz gloves if you own them.

So, lets discuss a get together and what you would like to accomplish. And hopefully I can put a smile on your face. Particularly since you seem to have taken offense- I would never dream of taking any money. I teach for free. If you like what you saw and did- take me out to dinner. I would be willing to bet -you will no doubt- make a friend.

Separate topic. You used the term "derision" for various observations I have regarding Aikido- or Aikidoka. I think Observation is more accurate The statement you used wherein I said many if not most do not understand the body skill potential inherent in their art? I believe is true. I have been on the mats with too many who had no idea what I was doing or talking about and how they should move to accomplish the same things. They had not connection or sturcture either-they were stiff. The one thing you missed was how many others in softer arts think the same as well. Much of what you heard Mike and I debating on Ellis's blog has been discussed behind the scenes with several people. Again Sadly the ability to use your body to root (Mikes trade term "Ground path") as well as several other things involving the breath and power generation and ways to make your hands heavy and connected to your body. You will find that referenced in what I have written as well.

Last. The fighting or challenge aspects-I agree with Dennis. If you don't do it or have not done it-then you don't know it. It's why I am a fan of Judo, MMA and BJJ. Anyone need only ask the hundreds who train and those who cross-train to hear very similar refrains.
While I make no apologies for what I have observed- I have no wish to offend. So lets keep it small. Am I assuming it is friendly? Doesn't have to be- but it would be a different venue.


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