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Neil Mick
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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Jim Sorrentino wrote:
I propose that we arrange for you to teach a seminar at my dojo in Arlington, Virginia. Like all seminars that I host, it would be open to aikidoka (and practitioners of other aiki-based arts) of all ranks and levels of experience, regardless of organization or affiliation. In the interests of safe and vigorous training, I would limit the number of participants to 80 (60 if we're going to do a lot of weapons work).

If you successfully teach the participants how to do what you say you can do (as well as the jo trick, if that is part of your repertoire), then my dojo will reimburse your expenses and pay you a reasonable honorarium, which you and I will agree on in advance. But if you don't succeed, then we won't.

By the way, I have never invited anyone to teach at my dojo sight unseen.


Jim Sorrentino
Nice. And I also add my name to the list of people who vouchsafe Jim's sincerity, merit, and acumen as a martial artist (not to mention, kudos for his careful reading of Dan's claims).

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I would definitely try to make it! I will probably be in the area at least once or twice this summer.
Yeah, me too, were such a boast true. If I were you tho, I wouldn't be saving your pennies for the seminar, just yet. I suspect that Jim's unmasked a fellow long on claim, and short on action. No doubt Dan's new demo-DVD of the "ancient jo trick" is tucked right next to his ownership papers for that hot New Orleans swampland he wants to sell.

Talk is cheap. But who knows? I'll be happy to post some humble pie right here on aikiweb, when I see the upcoming seminar announcement listed.

I just won't be holding my breath.

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