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Speak English

I had a funny incident once during my first seminar and also
happened to be my first test Gokyu. We had been practicing
the Saturday morning and we had been given a break. I had been
holding it for awhile and my lease on the coffee that morning had
expired very quickly. I immediately had rushed into the restroom
upon bowing out with all the students. As y'all have probably recognized its not a simple zip and go process so after a couple of minutes I heard this knocking on the door. I didnt' respond but
after the second time I responded in Japanese something I had
learned and not thought of in close to 20 years from my time spend in Japan. "Chottomate" forgive my spelling.
I beleive roughly translates to "wait a minute". When I came out
it was our Head Instructor Tohei Sensei for the USAF Midwest group who had been outside the door. As I passed by him
he groughly mentioned that we are in American speak english.
ouchie. I thought it was funny afterword though, because everyone was rushing up to find out what the heck id said.
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