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Mike Sigman
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Re: Atemi focus and intensity

Eric Lingswiler wrote:
Any drills or teaching techniques you have found to be effective would be greatly appreciated.
I usually start people with a "straight-arm" and let them hit a bag or target on a wall a lot. They start with the arm/hand extended so that it is touching the target, just like they are "stiff-arming" it, but with no tension. Then they squench down and back a few inches by slightly bending the knees and bowing the back a little. Then they straighten into the target by straigthen the knees and back. No upper body is used except to transmit the power from the lower body. It's a good start to learning how to punch using the power of the lower body and it allows smaller-framed people (like women) to quickly learn to hit most people unbelievably hard.

First the palm, later a fist, and later a punch that involves starting from a retracted position. As they begin to get it right, they start timing it so that the momentum of the body is added.

It's not the ultimate punch, but it's powerful and it's within the logical framework that they can later use to develop the extremely powerful punches.

Chops, like shomen uchi or Yokomen add a little bit of the body weight to the hand, but they're more complex to be done really powerfully, IMO.


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