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Atemi focus and intensity

Sho dojo, North Florida Aikikai had the wonderful pleasure of hosting George Ledyard Sensei the weekend of March 24, 2006. Ledyard Sensei gave of us years of material to work on during his visit, far too many things to mention here in this short thread. One thing I would like to ask anyone who cares to opine concerns specific work you may participate in during practice at your dojo to enhance posture and intent in delivering atemi, especially by newer, less seasoned members of your dojo. The result we are looking for concerns increasing the martial intent of atemi and not using it as means to merely begin taking ukemi. Any drills or teaching techniques you have found to be effective would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate your input, and our entire dojo offers our sincerest thanks to Ledyard Sensei for a fantastic experience; if you have the means to see this teacher I highly recommend it!

Eric. D. Lingswiler
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