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Re: Another newbie from England

Steve Baughan wrote:
Hello to everyone on here.

Last night I had my first lesson in Aikido!! I know im a late comer to this at 35 but felt I was as the right time in my life to start learning. Is there ever a late time or early time to begin?

I was very nervous to begin with but Sensei Ben made me feel at ease straight away and explained all the things I was doing and not doing correctly. More the not doing correctly more than good ones.
I had this idea that Aikido was so gentle and flowed from one move to another and would seem easier than other martial arts. Oh how wrong was I.....

Gliding your feet across the floor, falling safely and trying to coordinate my arms and hands at the same time? How hard can it be? Wow. It was moving in more ways than one!!! I loved it and after 2 hours, wanted more and more. A kid in a sweet shop all over again.

I can't wait for my next lesson and to read more of the spiritual side of Aikido too. It really felt as if it was falling into place ( so to speak ) by the time it had finished.

I'm so happy I took the first steps on this long road.

lol mate and here was me thinking i was too old to start doing aikido and i was only 27 when i started! my opinion is your never too old heck there a guy in one of the dojos i go to hes 65 and hes been doing it for 2 yers so it just goes to prove your never too old any way welcome to the world of aikido and welcome to aikiweb good luck with your training

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