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Hin Ki Pin Ki

Well, I was reading the puns thread and it made me think of a rhyming riddle called a hinky pinky. Anyone heard of these? The rules are simple: the ANSWER must be two rhyming words, both of which have the same number of syllables. Two one-syllable words are a hink pink, two two-syllable words are a hinky pinky, and two three-syllable words are a hinkety pinkety.

The clue should hint at the answer, without giving too much away. So...

What is a hink pink for the sound made by a high breakfall?

A mat splat!

What is a hink pink for a staff take-away?

A jo throw!

What is a hinky pinky for the knee walking practiced by a spanish millionaire?

A rico shikko!

What is a hinkety pinkety for adventuring on your knees?

A suwari safari!

Feel free to join in anytime!

William M. Reed
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