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Originally posted by JJF

Okay.... I guess I stand corrected .... Anyway I rarely dance (except when I'm home alone listening to Tom Jones and jumping around the house stark nak.. hmmm better change the subject now.....

Anyway my intended point was that when you want to become REALLY good at doing something that is 'coreographed' you stick to one partner after you have learned the basis so that the two of you can learn to follow each other and read each others signals. I guess it is that kind of Aikido you will get from practicing with just one partner. It can probably look amazing, but it will likely be little more than just dancing.

Rambling - have to get back to work......
Good social dancing is surprisingly like good aikido, and a good lead is actually more like a lead-then-follow. What I mean by that is that the leader will ask for a move, the follower will produce something which may or may not be related to the lead just given. A good leader then adjusts his position to make it look like that is what he intended all the time! Dancing's all a game of bluff and attitude.

Aikido is kind of the same (not the bluff and attitude bit though). If uke does something weird then nage needs to react appropriately. Appropriate may be changing the technique, or it may be letting go and getting out of the way so uke's arm doesn't end up wrenched.


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