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Re: Loyalty Issues

Tim Ruijs wrote:
Loyalty is one of the seven virtues of bushido.
Not surprising. Betrayals were the norm in the warring days; loyalty would be a good tag line then.

So it is an important aspect, however, courage is another virtue. Aikido is about independence, making your own judgements and decisions. It takes courage to do so. If you have practised with good intent at your 'old' dojo, you will find years from now that much you have learned is still present in some form or another.
Having the courage and good intention to defy a tyrannic and ruthless daimyo equate to betrayal and would lead to one and ones entire family/clan to death then. As for independence, making own judgments and decisions, present aikido politics would tell you otherwise. Good intent and courage may halt your advancement (ranking) in aikido especially when your instructor happens to the top gruffer in the organization - my advice: think before you act.
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