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It was an interesting experience watching an aikido class.

My first impression was the atmosphere, it was so ... relaxing. I would say my previous Judo training was quite intensive, especially in grade-test time or preparing for a competition. Maybe this is one of the main diff. between Aikido and other martial arts.

And I had a chance to see some senior students practising bokken. I think they have 2 different types of bokken. One was normal in length while the other one was shorter in length. Hope some sempai can fill me in with more information on that weapon.

I'll start my 1st aikido lesson tomorrow. Will keep u guys posted on my progress.



To Michael:
Thank you for your reply. Is your Dojo located in NSW (hopefully Sydney area)? Cause I'll go to Sydney the end of this year and hopefully I would have some time to visit some local Dojos.

To Greg:
No worries mate, families and work are always in the first priority. And I think u r absolutely right on weapons training helps study aikido. I heard one of the instructors said,"Imaging ur arm is the sword and u r going to make a strike ...". Cool ..
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