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Re: Loyalty Issues

We are talking for the most part here about modern people who are training part time in aikido for some form of personal development. Neither of the folks posting anonomously describe themselves as other terms (for instance, in an uchideshi situation, or in a more traditional close relationship with someone who is transmitting a koryu art). A dojo is not a gym or club, and I am not advocating flitting from dojo to dojo. However there are times an individual realizes that something is no longer the right "fit", and in terms of how most American dojo are structured, I cannot really see loyalty to the instructor as ever taking precedence over how/where one wants one's training to develop.
Yes, local aikido "politics" and/or how senior you are in terms of dojo responsibilities may be considerations. But rank, well, rank why you train? If the thing you want to pursue, from a different teacher, is that different, well ought you not be willing to be a beginner anew?

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