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Re: Loyalty Issues

If I may add someting....I too am pondering this very issue. I am with an independant group who has broken ties with a national federation. When this all occured I was very confused, hurt and angered at the situation. However this would be the second time that my Sensei has basically been ousted from an orginazation. I am not sure what this says, but I am concerned at the trend. My other issue is I would like to train under someone in an Aikijujitsu orginazation who I personally respect but my Sensei does not. So mentioning this would mean my immediate expulsion from my dojo!

I guess I am confused and would like advised too. I also am writing this annonymously due to obvious reasons. Do I train with my current orginazation and miss out on a great opportunity, or do I actually go to another master and beginunder him. This is my dilema and I am not sure what to do anymore, I just know I love training and would hate to mess up an opportunity.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!
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