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Re: Loyalty Issues

Everyone questions their faith in their particular brand of Aikido (or any art) at one time or another. Some leave and go to another style, some stick it out and persevere. It's all Aikido. And at some point you should be developing your own aikido (not that you don't need a sensei) but it should become a more personal expression of yourself. If you feel this other dojo has something to offer, train there. If you are worried about expression of technique from one dojo to another, travel more. Everywhere you go it will be different, but also the same, if it adheres to aiki principles.

You have been training "for a number of years" sooooo IMHO, find your Aikido don't look to someone else to hand it to you. At some point you must become responsible for your own training.

Mike Ellefson
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