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Re: Loyalty Issues

Nick Pittson wrote:
And though I do not fully understand the first part of Szczepan's statement about Budo/Teacher/Student, I completely agree with his statement on aikido and federations; that being said, ranks do have to come from somewhere....or you could simply refuse to test ever again.
Well, Nick, it is rather personal thing, depends how you understand your training.
In my opinion, aikido training goes farther then simply learning technical skills. Of course, one can stop at this level and be very happy, in fact, probably most of aikido folks practice that way.

But aikido is a system and isn’t limited to a heap of technical tricks. Certainly, to learn full dimension of aikido as a Budo, one needs personal transmission from his Master.
Normally, Master got it from his Master…etc ….that received it from Founder. Of course, not all instructors got this kind of transmission, that’s why I call him Master.

Now, if one practice that way, only a link to his Master is important. Without that, practice has no sense. This is very serious thing, link become so strong, that one can be part of “family”. And it can be stronger that links to his own family.
I’m not sure that my explanations are clear, but hey, I do my best!


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