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Re: Starting Aikido

Originally posted by colinlam
Hi all,

I'm thinking taking up aikido recently .. after some research, I've found there are 2 clubs here in HK. One of them is named Korindo Aikido. Could anyone please tell me the different between this style of Aikido with the standard one?

Korindo Aikido isn't exactly mainstream. I only know of one dojo in the U.S. That really doesn't mean anything, however, except that you're unlikely to get a broad range of opinions.

There really isn't a better or best style of aikido. There are, however, definitly better and worse teachers and better and worse dojo for your unique situation.

Go to the various dojo, watch class, train with them if you can (preferably more than one class), and talk with the students and instructor. Then pick a dojo that you can stick with for the _long term_.

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Greg Jennings
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