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Is this the name of the school or the style because it doesn't sound to familiar to me? Maybe someone else can help with that.
In the style I study, Yoseikan, there is a lot of judo well probably the whole judo syllabus if you want to learn it and use it in a self defense situation. But if you find you self at an Aikikai affiliated place then when you get a little more advanced you will be doing some koshi waza. Mostly just variations on ogoshi from what I have seen and a technique we call koshi gaeshi which you could call a kata guruma over the hips (not really but it is just to give you the image of a guy going over both hips instead of one. Also I have seen some kokyu nage (breath throws) from strangles at the side and rear that resemble seoi nage and rokyu or hiji shime is tai gatame ude hishigi.
But don't be expecting any katame waza or much shime waza

Graham Wild
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