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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

Paul Smith wrote:
I think that we in modernity, generally, and we in the west, specifically, have forgotten what it is to give over a life to a guru. Or a Sensei. It is the definition of living as uchideshi, and it is a good path.
Not quite true. Grad students all over are given over to their advisors. Even in my case, where my advisor is, in addition to being talented, a genuinely decent human being, it's no picnic. And for those of my peers who have advisors who are just plain cruel...

Aikido hasn't given my life meaning. It's added meaning maybe, and certainly given me tools to solve my problems with (and no, I'm not talking about yonkyo, though for some problems it's tempting), but aikido is not my reason for being.
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