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Paul Smith
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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

Charles Hill wrote:
Any time, my friend, any time.

Anyway, seriously, we would probably do well to remember O'Sensei's total dedication to Aikido was not without cost. According to Kisshomaru Sensei, his father did not spend much time with his family. There were definitely issues and Morihei Ueshiba probably should not be considered a complete role model. I encourage everyone to learn about Rinjiro Shirata, one of O'Sensei's pre and post war students. Shirata Sensei was a Budo genius and he worked for an insurance company practically up until he passed away.

Actually, I think both things are possible - live in the world, fully, and give oneself fully to a teacher or a way. In fact, this is one of the things which most struck me about Toyoda Shihan, who lived fully as a resident in the intense experience of Ichikukai misogi training - for three years, living and training zen, a distinctively severe version of misogi training, as well as Aikido at Hombu Dojo, all while earning his law degree. It was important to him that his uchideshi learn a similar world view. But it was equally important to him that his uchideshi understood that they entered into a singular, selfless relationship with him once becoming uchideshi - and all else was secondary.

I therefore don't think the two notions - devote oneself fully to an art, and devote oneself fully to things of the world - are in conflict. In fact, I think this is a flowering of the zen ideal.


Paul Smith
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