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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

Jiawei Lee wrote:
No Bridget, no one is too young to have her/his views taken in account. Possibly what you said is true. When Akira Tohei Shihan lost his purpose after Japanese defeat in WW2, it could be that Aikido was there at the right time. What if Aikido was not available but a're right. Some people take their occupations as their sole purpose. Thus the term workaholic...hee
And workaholics are often regarded as people with no real life outside work and possibly unhealthy...

As for the original question, aikido doesn't give me a purpose in life, just one of many happy distractions while I carry on living my life. Along with all the other things Ian Hurst approves of!

I notice on the original question that being an uchi deshi and being with other deshi was mentioned as something to yearn for. Well, that is really being with like minded people and helping each other to develop, striving to be the best that you can be, which I would consider a personal purpose (among many) and aikido would be just a vehicle for it.
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