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Re: Aikido: Your purpose in life ?

Bridget Chung wrote:
I am possibly far too young to have a valid opinion here, it's getting into the realms of spirituality, psychology, your upbringing etc., anyway...

Could it be that aikido or your enthusiasm for, be a manfestation of what your existing goals/needs are in life? (Whether you are conscious of them or not?)

And would it apply to any other pursuit or interest?

Does aikido (or any other activity) provide you with a tangible set of ideas, ideals and targets that satisfy your intellectual, social (etc.,) needs that you have been previously unable to identify?

Sorry, I seem to be throwing in more questions than answers.
No Bridget, no one is too young to have her/his views taken in account. Possibly what you said is true. When Akira Tohei Shihan lost his purpose after Japanese defeat in WW2, it could be that Aikido was there at the right time. What if Aikido was not available but a're right. Some people take their occupations as their sole purpose. Thus the term workaholic...hee
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